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Caitlins Beach Cruisers Bike Hire, is owned and run by Sharon, Caitlin and Mitchell Doyle. We will be trading from - Unit 8 Margate Harbour Arm, Margate Kent CT9 1AP. as from April 2010 For more info - 07956395896 - 07964175381 caitlinsbeachcruisers@live.com - Check out our website - www.caitlinsbeachcruisers.com

Friday, 30 April 2010

The Bank Holiday is here and so is the crap weather!!

Well its the bank holiday and the weather is crappy lets hope it picks up a bit, and i hope Tracey didnt get too wet tonight either.
Yet another Friday night spent in London due to a choir rehearsing in the school so that means an early drive to Kent tomorrow.

Monday, 26 April 2010

What happened to the weather ?

I was wondering what had happened to the high temperature and sunny weather we was promised for Sunday ?
Although the weather on Sunday was not the best we did have some hirers a nice young French couple had two bikes over night and when they left on Sunday evening they said that thay had a lovely time.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Great weekend so far.

We are having a great weekend so far had a nice French couple hire two of our bikes overnight, we then spent most of the day enjoying the weather then went out for dinner with my Parents,Brother and Sis in law and my Aunt.
Now im ready for bed at 9.15 pm because i am so tired (cream crackered as we say in London)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Good weather forecast.

Well the weather forecast is good for this weekend so lets hope people will want to rent a bike or two, failing that at least they may come and check us out while we catch the rays (with my factor 30 slapped on)

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Our first two weeks.

Its the end of our first two weeks trading and although it has been a bit slow we have had some trade and handed out over 600 flyers in this time,we was not expecting to to do any trade until at least May half term so it has been a bonus.

We are now back in London after a great weekend with lovely weather lets hope it holds up until next weekend.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Being Tormented.

I am being tormented by Sharon,Caitlin and my Mum, instead of renting out bikes they have decided to shut up shop and go to the Carvery at Westwood Cross and send picture messages to my phone of them tucking in to a lovely Roast.
Still at least some of us are hard at work.............

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Yesterdays Guardian.

We found out that we got a mention in yesterdays (Friday) Guardian travel supplement in the top ten things to do in Margate, we checked it out on line and there is a link to our website and telephone number so hopefully we get some trade from that even if not its all good in the hood according to Snoop :-)

Friday, 9 April 2010

What great weather.

What great weather we are having and what a great first week for us, we have had loads of people passing by and asking what we are up to and going away with our leaflets also had a few phone enquiries and a couple of rentals today we had a young American couple hire a bike and they are coming back tomorrow to hire again.
We went to the Chinese takeaway in Kings street Ramsgate tonight and saw a bloke with blood all down the front of his England shirt coming from his throat, we called 999 and explained what we saw but had to tell them we thought he was not so bad as he was smoking a ciggie and went in to the Earl St Vincent pub !!
Well lets hope the weather holds out so we can enjoy working in the sun :-)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Summer is on its way.

Summer is on its way and we can not wait, we had a great day today had a visit from Sharon`s sis Carol and our niece and nephew Callum and Kirsty which was great for Caitlin to have someone to play with.
Sharon decided to go to Morrisons to get a few bits where she bumped in to a parent from the school with his two girls who then later visited us and spent a few hours with us.
What i have noticed for the week we have been open is that you meet a whole spectrum of people some very interesting and a few very strange people, one fella we was warned to expect made an appearance today......in fact made two and for a man in his fifties behaved like a kid trying to get our attention but working with kids has taught us how to handle attention seeking brats :-)
After we had locked up we jumped on our bikes and had a ride through to Westgate and back which was great to do, never one to miss out on an advertising opportunity we handed out a few leaflets on the way.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

We are all knackered !!

We are all knackered today after getting to the unit just after 9.00am and not leaving until around 6.30pm, we now need an early night me thinks.
A lovely Belgian family hired some of our bikes and baby trailer for half the day for a trip to Broadstairs and returned them promptly at 6.00pm all very happy but tired.
So hopefully a couple more families/people like them hiring our bikes will ease us in to our new business.

Busy busy busy!!

We have been very busy since opening up, although we was not going to start trading yet we have been servicing the bikes, putting the trailers and tagalongs together, cleaning the bikes and generally tidying up the unit,
We have had a lot of interest with people popping in to see what we are up to and taking our leaflets, also had a couple of phone calls with people wanting to know prices etc.
So once the weather picks up and word gets out that we are here hopefully things will take off.
Anyway if you happen to be passing Margate Harbour Arm pop in and say hello (we dont bite....well Sharon and i do not, not so sure about Caitlin though !!)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A busy day.

We had a busy day today we put up our counter unit in place and secured it, we also installed our new burglar alarm in the unit and checked and altered all the brakes on the bikes and gave them all a clean.
We had quite few people stop by and enquire about what we are doing and take away brochures and flyers, one visitor who didnt stop but did a slow drive by (not the sort we get in London) looked suspicously like a very local rival in the bike biz (and later confirmed to be that man) may be i will stop by and and introduce myself sometime this week.

A big thank you.

We would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who came along on Friday to help celebrate our opening.
What a great sport Mayor Mick Tomlinson and his good lady wife the Mayoress were by getting on a couple of our bikes for a ride up and down the Harbour Arm,giving all that was there a great photo opportunity.
Yesterday i went back to London at 8.00am to drop off the van i borrowed and to return with two more bikes by midday,then on to the unit to tidy up all the empty bottles and leftovers from Friday.
Today we will be at the unit most of the day getting ready for our first customers (hopefully) by servicing the bikes and getting the unit shipshape and ready for business.
If you are passing by Margate pop in and say hello.