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Caitlins Beach Cruisers Bike Hire, is owned and run by Sharon, Caitlin and Mitchell Doyle. We will be trading from - Unit 8 Margate Harbour Arm, Margate Kent CT9 1AP. as from April 2010 For more info - 07956395896 - 07964175381 caitlinsbeachcruisers@live.com - Check out our website - www.caitlinsbeachcruisers.com

Thursday, 20 January 2011

A spot of urban Fox hunting.

Its time for a spot of urban Fox hunting here in Tufnell Park, those mangy little critters are getting on my bloody nerves.

Three times this week we have had one under our bedroom window making noise like its being raped by a Rottweiler.

This time next week i hope to be walking around in a Fox fur Davey Crockett hat,on a serious note Foxes are becoming a major problem around here and in London in general.

A quick check on the legalities before i start my cull but my gun is at the ready,so Basil beware im on your tail !!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A flying visit to Planet Thanet.

We had to make a flying visit to Margate/Ramsgate, today to collect a few things but en route we passed through Birchington and the first Thanet resident we saw was an old feller wearing a ladies sunday best hat with a stuffed bird poking out of his jacket dancing across the road.....ONLY IN PLANET THANET.
Living in London as we do, we very rarely see some of the things we have seen in Thanet !!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Crab deaths!

Having just read Tony`s Thanet Coast Life, i was wondering if this will spoil Caitlin and my own summer pastime (whilst waiting for our bikes to return) of crabbing ?? i hope not otherwise we will just have to make do with our other pastime of "Chav" spotting. We like to keep count on the lesser known "Margate Chav" or the more common "Ramsgate Chav" any how i am sure we will have plenty to do this coming summer.
In this picture is the common Ramsgate chav or to give them their Latin name "Thanetus Chavetis".