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Caitlins Beach Cruisers Bike Hire, is owned and run by Sharon, Caitlin and Mitchell Doyle. We will be trading from - Unit 8 Margate Harbour Arm, Margate Kent CT9 1AP. as from April 2010 For more info - 07956395896 - 07964175381 caitlinsbeachcruisers@live.com - Check out our website - www.caitlinsbeachcruisers.com

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Its official !!

Yep its official im a fat sod (ate somewhere between 2-8 doughnuts will not say exactly to save my embarassment)Krispy Kreme have a lot to answer for.
Caitlin enjoyed her day Horseriding and eating Doughnuts (yeah yeah me too) it must of exhausted her as i had to carry her out the car as she was sound asleep.
On the business front we got a reply from another caravan/leisure park who want to use our bike drop off service...its all going well so far and to top it all i found two kids cruiser bikes i got ages ago and forgot that i had so that was a suprise.
And now im off to loosen my belt and trousers as im sure they have shrunk a bit in the wash ;-)

Friday, 26 February 2010

Its the weeeeeeeekend !!

Yesterday i said i had to deal with all the crap (literally) at school well today was one of those days i had to deal with the crap.... two blocked toilets and a little git (sorry meant to say angel) weeing on the floor but i guess after 21 years working in schools i should be used to it only another 500 or so days before i can give my notice not that im counting down to D day :-)
After school today myself and Caitlin went to pick up another bike a mens Hybrid - mountain bike from my new found friend and bike dealer Naz.
Got to get up early..ish tomorrow we have Caitlins belated Horse riding birthday bash and are taking Caitlin and 4 friends for a taster lesson (even at the weekend Sharon and myself cant escape children) then after on to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to pig out and add to my ever expanding waist line (il end up like the big fella in the picture).

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nearly the end of a long week.

Its nearly the end of a long week dealing with the usual crap (sometimes literally) that goes with working in a Inner London Primary School.
Finally found a Solicitor who is going to check out the lease for the unit, also decided on the colour and design for the logo we will be using just waiting for my cousin to do the finishing touches.
Purchased a blank skateboard deck that im going to trial for our rental skateboards (short boards at least) will stick with the factory boards for the longboards.
Well im off to bed to rub some deep heat in to a very stiff and sore.......neck !

Monday, 22 February 2010

That Monday morning feeling !

Today i had that Monday morning feeling for the first time in years not wanting to get up or go over the school to start my day but i did reluctantly ( only around another 500 or so days till we can up sticks to Kent fulltime),We will have to start looking for a School (mixed comprehensive) for Caitlin during the summer.
On the business side of things my cousin who is a Graphic Designer emailed me some ideas for our company logo which was cool, we also got an email from another hotel interested in using our bikes so things are great on that front so far.
Sharon spent the best part of 5 hours up the A&E dept with what we thought was a broken wrist but luckily it was not broken just soft tissue damage...whatever that is !

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Back home.

After a nice weekend in which on Friday we went to the Granville Cinema to watch the Princess and the Frog and then Saturday at the Palace Cinema to watch Percy Jackson and the lightening thief, we are now back in London ready for the next 6 - 8 week slog before the Easter Hols in which we shall hopefully be ready to start business hiring and selling our bikes.
It will be 6 - 8 weeks of hard work of working 7.30am - 7.00pm at the school and then trying to get the bikes all ready in any spare time we have, but hopefully all will go to plan ( Whatever plan that is !! ).

Thursday, 18 February 2010

As expected...

As expected Caitlin made a quick recovery from her stomach bug only for Sharon to come down with it yesterday so while Sharon stayed in on the sofa Caitlin and I went in to Margate to drop off more business cards etc to three more hotels.
Today Sharon felt a bit better so we went into Sandwich and visited four more hotels and then on to Frankie & Bennies at Westwood for lunch, we could not believe how busy it gets at Half Term had a half hour wait to get seated,
before going to F&Bs we tried the Harvester but that had a half hour wait too, guess we will have to get used to things like that when we eventually move down.. we take it for granted in London having far too many places to choose from to eat.
We can not wait to make the move but will wait until Caitlin has finished primary school before we "up sticks" .

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Managed to get out for an hour today.

We managed to get out the house for an hour today, as Caitlin has come down with a stomach bug but we didnt go too far just drove down to the Harbour to drop off some business cards and a brochure to three hotels then got as far as Manston on route to Minster ( Durlock Lodge Guest House )before Caitlin started puking, once she had stopped we carried on dropped off what we had to then headed straight back where we have remained ever since vegging...in front of the TV or Laptop.
We missed out on a job lot of led bike lights on ebay as the Laptop goes on a go slow here in Ramsgate then speeds up back in London where we dont need to use it, but im sure there will be more on there tomorrow.
Hopefully we will get out for longer tomorrow as long as Caitlin feels better or that Sharon or myself dont catch the lurgies.......

Monday, 15 February 2010

Making the most of half term.

We are making the most of half term this week, we are in Ramsgate to recharge our batteries and to drop off our business cards and brochures to local hotels that are interested in our bike drop off and pick up service, so far we have 13 that are on board and hopefully more to follow.
This will probably be our last school holiday that we will be able to enjoy before the "season" begins so will do a few things with Caitlin as well as visit the hotels ( a trip or two to the Vue at Westwood or Bowling in Cliftonville or both !!)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Old pictures !

A picture of my Dad on his bike around 1953 and a picture of Sharons Mum and Nan on a ride at the coast (maybe Margate ??)

Finally a lay in !!

Finally had a lay in (9.30) although Caitlin did come in at 8.00 we told her to go and watch a dvd in bed.
Trying to draft a letter / proposal to Thanet District Council regarding setting up a new venture in Margate but unsure which councillor to mail it to (needs to be linked to licensing),instead of making it easy to set up a new business TDC seem to make it harder...you would think they would help people setting up new businesses in Thanet and a "Green" one at that !

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Yay.....its Half Term !!!

Its Half Term and a chance of a lie in.........no Caitlin had other ideas, she was up at 7.20 and wanted pancakes for breakfast so no lay in for poor old dad.
On the bike front we added another BMX,some Bike Bells and some Bike Multi Tools to our ever expanding stock !!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Nearly half term !!!

Well its nearly half term and that means a well earned week off from school for the Doyle`s and a chance to get down to Ramsgate/Margate.
Over the weekend in between kids parties and "Strictly come dancing" at the O2 we managed to get 2 Fold up bikes and a Ladies Cruiser, and at the moment im watching how the bids are going on a auction site for a job lot of 32 bikes (ex Centre Parcs).

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Some good news at last !!

We had some good news at last, we got an email yesterday letting us know we are to be included in a Rural Thanet Tourism Brochure a bit of exposure for "Caitlins Beach Cruisers" can only be good.
Hopefully today we will be getting a new Ladies Beach Cruiser to add to our stock.
Away from bikes Caitlin is very excited as she has her first "tween" party dont envy the parents having to put up with 20-30 9/10 year olds running round screaming from 6 - 9 pm .

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Another day....

Another day......and another two bikes added to our expanding stock of bikes
(1 Lowrider and 1 childs ATB)il have to have a count up of what we have and havent got and then buy some more !!
All the business cards are ready just got to organise the flyers and then they are ready to go.