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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Its official !!

Yep its official im a fat sod (ate somewhere between 2-8 doughnuts will not say exactly to save my embarassment)Krispy Kreme have a lot to answer for.
Caitlin enjoyed her day Horseriding and eating Doughnuts (yeah yeah me too) it must of exhausted her as i had to carry her out the car as she was sound asleep.
On the business front we got a reply from another caravan/leisure park who want to use our bike drop off service...its all going well so far and to top it all i found two kids cruiser bikes i got ages ago and forgot that i had so that was a suprise.
And now im off to loosen my belt and trousers as im sure they have shrunk a bit in the wash ;-)


  1. Had to laugh went on to Denise's blog and found a Krispy Kreme donut tour with picture have look see http://anenglishgirlrambles.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-world-tuesday_4837.html

  2. Thanks Don it was tormenting for me to see all those doughnuts and not to be able to taste them but i do think i will have to give them a wide berth for a while, i have put on just over a stone in the last year i used to be very active (Kickboxing,Running and swimming to nothing at all) il have to get up earlier and start running and working out again before i go over the school each morning.
    It will be better when we eventually move down i can then run along the sea front before we open up each morning.