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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Another Gobshite!!!

Looks like im having to deal with yet another Gobshite some twat seems to have messed with my blog so as you go on to my blog within 30 seconds someother site then appears.
So if anyone knows how i can get rid of it let me know please.


  1. As you're hosted by Blogger (part of Google) it seems unlikely that your blog would have been hijacked by the nasties, given all the effort they put into security. After all, Google looks after Thanet Council's email security, and if our beloved Duffers can trust them, er...

    I must say the problem you report hasn't happened to me when I've visited. If you continue to experience it, the only solution may be to export your blog, select another blogger address, then upload it again.

  2. Thanks Richard though it seems ok now as someone reccomended that i remove any widgets i had on the blog which i did and that seems to have solved the problem.

  3. It must have been that one down the bottom. Glad it's all fixed now though.

  4. I like widgets the ones you get in beer cans to make the beer seem like its from a can with a widget rather than a fresh pulled pint in a pub. hmmmmmmm the more I think about widgets I have come to the conclusion I dont like em either so good for you for getting rid. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND . Don