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Caitlins Beach Cruisers Bike Hire, is owned and run by Sharon, Caitlin and Mitchell Doyle. We will be trading from - Unit 8 Margate Harbour Arm, Margate Kent CT9 1AP. as from April 2010 For more info - 07956395896 - 07964175381 caitlinsbeachcruisers@live.com - Check out our website - www.caitlinsbeachcruisers.com

Friday, 29 October 2010

The sun is shining.

The sun is shining the sea is calm and blue...................somewhere but not here in Margate and here i am open and ready to rent out bikes.
All jokes aside i opened up early today waiting for the courier who did not come Thurs,Fri,Mon or Tues to collect our faulty chip and pin terminal so hopefully he will turn up today.
We have had a telephone booking for 3 bikes this morning so hopefully it will not be a quiet day.


  1. Hope you had a good week. Did he collect your terminal? I had a week in Southport. We flew to Manchester from Manston it was great compaired to 8 hours by car on the return journey.

  2. No we only managed to get a new terminal today (Monday) although they still did not collect the faulty one.
    Glad you managed to get away from "Planet Thanet" for the week.