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Thursday, 20 January 2011

A spot of urban Fox hunting.

Its time for a spot of urban Fox hunting here in Tufnell Park, those mangy little critters are getting on my bloody nerves.

Three times this week we have had one under our bedroom window making noise like its being raped by a Rottweiler.

This time next week i hope to be walking around in a Fox fur Davey Crockett hat,on a serious note Foxes are becoming a major problem around here and in London in general.

A quick check on the legalities before i start my cull but my gun is at the ready,so Basil beware im on your tail !!


  1. Careful if you catch that one , its got Mange.

  2. its ok that was a pic that i took off google,if i was that close i would be looking down the sight of a gun or crossbow not a camera... :-)

  3. good luck with getting em Mitch. I fall on the pro hunting side of things and regard foxes as vermin, I wonder how long it will be before people start calling for a cull.

  4. As yet Don i have not had any luck due to the fact i am still awaiting my crossbow delivery.
    May be i will start up a "Urban hunt" where we go around on mountain bikes and instead of hounds we use staffs,all joking aside they are a major pest for me at the school.
    Most nights there are as many as 3 different Foxes in the school playground fighting over the childrens left lunch bags and boxes.

  5. Well perhaphs the children should dispose properly of their lunch bags etc.We have driven these poor creatures from there own habitat,so what do we expect.I used to make posive comments on your blog Don,never again,and with my buisness used to encourage people to use your bikes Caitlin's Cruisers-never again

  6. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,we live in a democracy so you have freedom of speech.
    As for not encouraging people to hire bikes from us that too is your perogotive.
    Have a nice life.